No, the available selection changes daily. For specific variety requests, an order must be placed approximately 2-3 weeks before pickup.

Orders with small quantities can be placed by phone or email. Bulk orders of 50 or more pieces are only accepted in person at the shop, and require a deposit of €1 per piece.

In the case of deposit transactions, the deposit expires if the pre-ordered goods are not collected at the agreed-upon time.

Orders can be placed at any branch for pickup at any location.

We exclusively sell our ornamental plants in rockwool blocks.

Our ornamental plants are sold in a rockwool block. We offer two different sizes: the small rockwool wedge with 2-week-old plants, and the large rockwool cube with 3-week-old plants.

Generally, only our two plant sizes are available for order (see Question 1.6). In spring to summer, we also sell “Outdoor” ornamental plants that have been pre-grown for two to three weeks. However, these cannot be ordered or reserved.

We only accept deposits in cash on-site.

Our ornamental plant prices are staggered according to quantity. The small rockwool wedge costs €8.50 per piece. and the large rockwool cube costs €9.50 per piece. From a quantity of 10 pieces, there is a discount. For an exact cost estimate, simply inquire at the shop.

The required information for an email order inquiry includes: Plant variety & quantity Earliest desired pickup date Small or large rockwool cube

Cultivating hemp as an ornamental plant generally poses no issue; however, they must not be used for the production of narcotics, as outlined in our terms and conditions.

We renew our plant culture annually to ensure consistent quality.

Monoculture is always susceptible to pest infestation. Based on our experience over the past 10 years and the expertise of specialized partner companies, we selectively and seasonally combat unwanted guests. We primarily use beneficial organisms and biological control agents for pest management. Thus, we can guarantee consistent quality of the plants. If you still encounter any issues with the plants you purchased from us, please let us know.

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