Flowery Field GmbH: Hemp Cuttings Now Available in Germany

The Austrian company Flowery Field GmbH is expanding its service and now offers hemp cuttings through its online shop for customers in Germany. This decision marks a significant step for the company, which specializes in the production and sale of high-quality hemp cuttings.

Due to legal regulations, the number of hemp cuttings that can be ordered per person is limited to five. This regulation ensures that the distribution complies with applicable laws while meeting customer needs.

Flowery Field GmbH is known for its carefully cultivated cuttings, which grow under strict quality controls and environmentally friendly conditions. The expansion of the shipping service to Germany now allows German customers to benefit from the excellent quality of the products.

With this step, Flowery Field GmbH demonstrates its commitment to promoting hemp cultivation in Europe and facilitating access to high-quality cuttings. Customers in Germany can conveniently place their orders through the online shop and rely on receiving products that meet the company’s high standards.

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